Shovel Knight

  After hearing a brand new, NES inspired platforming adventure game had been released exclusively for the Wii U (as far as consoles, at least), I was instantly sold. The cost was $15, somewhat steeper than the $3 - 5 range I had been shelling out for downloads. I trusted the creators based solely where... Continue Reading →


I never owned this one, but I remember (the first 15 minutes or so of this) game well. Playing it now, though, one thing is for sure - the concept of it went well over my head. In this game, you’re God. They can go ahead and call you “The Master” and the last boss... Continue Reading →


  I hate to admit it, but I'm one of those A Song of Ice and Fire fanatics who picked up the books after being enthralled by the HBO series. I wish I could say I was of the first breed of devoted fans, who read the books years ago and had their own vision of... Continue Reading →

Monster Party

This is another game that I fondly remember as truly bizarre. Unlike Nemo, I can’t remember how it came into my life. My only real memories are a) I never finished it, b) a room in the game contains a giant spider who says “I AM DEAD”, and c) some sort of boss battle where the... Continue Reading →

Little Nemo: Dream Master

This go-around, I really wanted to pick something I cherished as a kid, but probably never finished.  For that, I had to go with Little Nemo: The Dream Master. I have a few memories of this game that really stand out: renting it from a Shaw’s grocery store based on all the crazy colorful hijinks depicted... Continue Reading →

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