Toejam & Earl

I was raised in a family with some serious brand-loyalty standards. That TV still functions after 10 years? Then it’s Sony or nothing for life. Buying a vehicle that isn’t a Toyota? Preposterous. That kid is still playing the NES, and it still works? Nintendo or bust. So, no Sega Genesis for me. Not a... Continue Reading →

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus was a game I “loved” as a child. I didn’t own it, and I don’t even remember where and when I played it – I guess as a rental. I have learned from hindsight, after finishing this game, that the "love" I felt was definitely jumping around platforms and shooting monsters to another unforgettable... Continue Reading →

Shovel Knight

  After hearing a brand new, NES inspired platforming adventure game had been released exclusively for the Wii U (as far as consoles, at least), I was instantly sold. The cost was $15, somewhat steeper than the $3 - 5 range I had been shelling out for downloads. I trusted the creators based solely where... Continue Reading →

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